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*Following item's price includes tax, and the price is current standard
*Appearance and specifications of the item can be altered by the manufacturer.
*OS and special programs are not included. (Assembly is, however, free of charge)
Free installation on all softwares purchased.

*A/S and required repair fee is consumer's rightful responsibility if damage is incurred by the purchaser.

1.All parts in our assembly line comes with its own warranty by the maker from a year to 3 years, and for the first 3 months of the purchase of an item at Simple Touch, our own technicians stand by for repair services.
- You must be ready to present receipt of the products you have purchased.

2.Basic standards of the A/S is 1:1 replacement if necessary, and it may take up to 2 weeks to process a request of a repair.

3.Defective products can be replaced for the same value. Refund is not an option.
- Due to the fact that a returned computer item is no longer valid for brand new product sale, consumers must assume that a purchased item cannot be refunded.
- Within 7 days of the purchase, however, a 90% refund is possible if the purchased item is proven defective. 50% refund is available if the returned item is damaged by the user.

4.A/S will not be free of charge if the failure of the product is incurred by the user.

5.Computer parts such as keyboard, and mouse can be replaced if proven defective within 7 days of purchase.

6.An A/S within 7 days of purchase due to defective parts will be fully convered to all Simple Touch customers, and our technician will fully diagnose and repair. After the 7 day period, consumers can speak with a computer technician for further services or assistance.

7.Simple Touch Computer technicians will not visit service requring locations for A/S.

*Customer Service Representative number: 213-252-9550



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